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Making sure you are up to date with Companies House and other regulations.

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confirmation statement

A Confirmation Statement (formerly known as an Annual Return), is required for Limited Companies registered at Companies House.

This is even the case if the company is dormant!

A Confirmation Statement (CS01) is an annual declaration that reports on the officers, shareholdings, person’s with significant control (PSC’s) and fixed charges of the company.

The CS01 needs to be filed annually and is a legal requirement.

A company must keep their register up to date!

If there have been changes in the year, it is likely you will have additional forms to complete. It cannot be updated at the year end, it must be updated when the event occurs.

Company secretarial changes will include changes in directors and shareholders.

CS01’s have an unique deadline to the individual company which is usually based on the date of incorporation. A company then has 14 days to file their CS01 after the period end.

We can prepare and submit the CS01 for you, along with any additional forms such as the appointment or termination of directors and PSC’s. We can also prepare and submit any share transfer forms.

company incorporation

Looking to incorporate a new Limited company but don’t know where to start?

We can incorporate the company for you, making sure that the correct Articles of Association and share structure is implemented.

It makes sense to get your accountant onboard from the very beginning of any new company venture so that they can offer you the best advice from the get go!


Are you paying dividends but not sure of the correct paperwork to produce to support these payments?

We can prepare the correct dividend paperwork for you so that you have the correct paper trail for tax purposes.

It is a good idea to look at our management accounts service to help you make an informed decision about when to take dividends from your Limited company and when not to!


Does your Limited company own a UK residential property that is valued at more than £500,000?

If so, you will be required to file an ATED return (Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings) and pay any tax necessary.

You must complete and file an ATED return if your property:

Is a dwelling

Is in the UK

Was valued at more than £500,000

Is owned completely or partly by a company, partnership (where any of the partners is a company or a collective investment scheme, unit trust or an open ended investment vehicle).

ATED returns must be submitted on or after 1 April and before 30 April for the current tax year ahead i.e. you should report on or after 1 April 2023 for the tax year 2023-24.