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Auto Enrolment

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In most cases, you will need a PAYE scheme when you employ people to work for you.

By outsourcing your payroll to HB Associates, you remove the burden from your own staff. As a result, the business gains an additional level of confidentiality when running their payroll offsite.

Need a payroll scheme set up? Not a problem, we can get this sorted for you with HMRC. In addition, we can also set up the relevant systems to run your payroll through.

Auto enrolment

Since October 2012, it has been a requirement for all employers to offer a workplace pension.

As an employer, you must automatically enrol your employees into a pension scheme and make contributions to their pension if the following apply:

Employee classed as a worker

Employee aged between 22 and state pension age

Employee earned at least £10,000 per annum

Employee usually (ordinarily) works in the UK

Let us help you make sure your business is compliant.


If your business offers employees benefits, a P11d may be required for the tax year. Above all, the business will be liable to Class 1A national insurance.

Therefore, a P11d will need to be submitted by 6 July following the tax year in question.

Lastly, benefits that give rise to a P11d benefit are, but not limited to:

Company cars, vans, bikes and fuel

Overdrawn director’s loan accounts by more than £10,000

Health insurance

Discounted services or goods

Vouchers (including childcare vouchers)

Living accommodation

Travel allowances

Low cost loans

Private insurance

Professional fees and subscriptions

Training fees

Devices available for personal use

In conclusion, not all benefits give rise to a P11d benefit that needs to be reported.

We can point you in the right direction and make sure that you are reporting all that you need to be!